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Strategic Planning & Corporate Development

We help you develop and implement a systematic and formal strategic planning process.  We walk you and your management team through a rigorous strategic planning process.  We challenge assumptions and validate beliefs about your customers, markets, trends, competition, suppliers, internal systems, policicies, procedures and processes and your strengths and weaknesses.  Then we help your develop a roadmap and a timeline to get from where your to where your want to be.

We help you execute your strategic plan.  We provide the oversight and expertise to fill the your needs.  As needed, our services include:

  • improving cash flow
  • profitability improvement plans
  • management team recruitment, perfromance metrics, and incentive plans
  • strategic sales / sales management 
  • launching new products or entering new markets
  • rationaling operations, phasing out products or markets
  • arranging and negoatiating strategic alliances
  • identifying acquisition targets
  • providing  acquisition due diligence
  • arranging acquisition financing
  • securing corporate financing
  • divesting of assets or division
  • information systems implementation and integration
  • process improvement and workflow automation
  • supply chain and vendor management

Acquisition Due Diligence & Acquisition Financing

A private equity investor agreed to acuire ElectroSource LLC, a leading distributor of vidoe games.  With only 30 days left to close the deal, their lender backed out of the deal, We stepped in and arranged $30 million of bank financing to close the transaction on time.

AMKO Plastics (a highly leveraged $30 million blow molder) wanted to acquired Interstate Pakcaging (a $70 million paper bag converter) for $42 million. We structured transaction to isolate several risks in the transaction and arranged $30 million of senior debt and $10 million of subordinated debt.

After purchasing the company in a highly leveraged transaction, we were retained to evaluate the capital structure and provided a plan to refinance the company over time. Then we negotiated the refinancing $13 million of senior debt and the early redemption of $5 million of subordinated debt.

Georgeson, a business services company, wanted to acquire its largest competitor. We arranged $60 million of senior debt.

A privately held business with some owners seeking to exit and other owners seeking to grow the business.  We arranged $29 million financing for a leveraged recapitalization.

PSI needed financing to complete its acquisition of a smaller competitor and fund its expansion into new markets.  We arranged $40 million of senior secured bank financing and $7 million of subordinated debt financing from an institutional investors.

A&W Restaurants (a $70 million fast food restaurant chain), backed by a private equity investors, wanted to acquire Long John Silvers (a $600 million fast food restaurant chain) out of bankruptcy.  The private equity investor provided equity and arranged senior secured financing in the form of a sale/leaseback.  With no assets to support additional financing, we arranged $60 million of debt financing from a group of institutional investors to complete the financing package.

Private Operating Partner